'By The Numbers' Reports

Each month we create the Windermere Realty Trust ‘By The Numbers’ reports for the previous month, featuring up-to-date statistics on the hottest markets and most-active zip codes in Greater Portland, the neighborhoods in and around Lake Oswego and West Linn, and our city’s unique 5 Quadrants. Check it out and let us know what you think. We always welcome your input and suggestions!













Neighborhood Snapshot August 2019

Far West PDX August 2019

Greater Portland August 2019

North PDX August 2019

Northeast PDX August 2019

Northwest PDX August 2019

Southeast PDX August 2019

Southwest PDX August 2019

Clackamas County August 2019


Clackamas County July 2019

Far West PDX July 2019

Greater Portland July 2019

North PDX July 2019

Northeast PDX July 2019

Northwest PDX July 2019

Southeast PDX July 2019

Southwest PDX July 2019


Clackamas County June 2019

Far West PDX June 2019

Greater Portland June 2019

North PDX June 2019

Northeast PDX June 2019

Northwest PDX June 2019

Southeast PDX June 2019

Southwest PDX June 2019


Greater Portland May 2019

North PDX May 2019

Northeast PDX May 2019

Northwest PDX May 2019

Southeast PDX May 2019

Southwest PDX May 2019

Clackamas County May 2019

Far West PDX May 2019


Clackamas County Apr 2019

Greater Portland Apr 2019

North PDX Apr 2019

Northeast PDX Apr 2019

Northwest PDX Apr 2019

Southeast PDX Apr 2019

Southwest PDX Apr 2019

Far West PDX Apr 2019


Clackamas County Mar 2019

Greater Portland Mar 2019

North PDX Mar 2019

Northeast PDX Mar 2019

Northwest PDX Mar 2019

Southeast PDX Mar 2019

Southwest PDX Mar 2019

Far West PDX Mar 2019


Clackamas County Feb 2019

Greater Portland Feb 2019

North PDX Feb 2019

Northeast PDX Feb 2019

Northwest PDX Feb 2019

Southeast PDX Feb 2019

Southwest PDX Feb 2019

Far West PDX Feb 2019


Clackamas County Jan 2019

Greater Portland Jan 2019

North PDX Jan 2019

Northeast PDX Jan 2019

Northwest PDX Jan 2019

Southeast PDX Jan 2019

Southwest PDX Jan 2019


Clackamas County EOY 2018

Greater Portland EOY 2018

North PDX EOY 2018

Northeast PDX EOY 2018

Northwest PDX EOY 2018

Southeast PDX EOY 2018

Southwest PDX EOY 2018


Clackamas County Dec 2018

Greater Portland Dec 2018

North PDX Dec 2018

Northeast PDX Dec 2018

Northwest PDX Dec 2018

Southeast PDX Dec 2018

Southwest PDX Dec 2018

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