Todd Prendergast

Co-Owner and Co-President

Brian Allen

Co-Owner and Co-President

Joan Allen

Co-Owner and Vice President

You've found your purpose.

Now find your people.

Surround yourself with problem-solvers, connectors and givers.

Richard Caplan

Administrative Principal Broker

Laura Doll

Director of Operations


Gail Fisher

Director of Risk Management

Bill Barry

Rivertec/Pearl Branch Manager

Lynn Brigham

Cannon Beach & Gearhart Branch Manager

Gerry Dowdy-Latshaw

Vancouver Metro Branch Manager

Ron Howard

Lloyd Tower Branch Manager

Rick Jenkins

Vancouver Mill Plain Branch Manager

Dennis Kelly

Lake Oswego Branch Manager

Joe Menashe

Portland Heights Branch Manager

Lynne Murphy

NW Portland & Pearl Branch Manager

Benj Rice

Portland Heights Branch Manager

Steve Russell

Moreland Branch Manager

Joe Stilwell

Raleigh Hills Branch Manager